Friday, September 19, 2008

Notation Scheme-Tamil

- क च ट त प
- க, ச, ட, த, ப Default

2 ख छ ठ थ फ
க2, ச2, ட2, த2, ப2

3 ग ज ड द ब
க3, ஜ, ட3, த3, ப3 (ச3 is not used)

4 घ झ ढ ध भ
க4, ஜ2, ட4, த4, ப4 (ச4 is not used)

ஸ1 श - शिव - சிவன்

ரு2 ऋ - कृप - கிருபை


Veena said...

The Blog is very good and useful in understanding the meaning and correct way to split and understand. It wud be nice if u cud add, printer friendly version. Thank you.

V Govindan said...

Mr/Ms Bhavani,
PDF version of Tyagaraja Kritis are available for download from . These Kritis are posted every day - one Kriti a day. Over a period of time all the kritis will be made available.
Thanks for your comments.
May Saint Tyagaraja Bless us all.
V Govindan

VV said...

This Blog is having a very good collection of kritis.
Really a great work!

It would be very helpful if notations are also provided.
Notations will be very helpful for

Golden Ratio Wannabe said...

This is an amazing find... thank you so much for doing this. please let me know as a designer, filmmaker and musician how i can help:

V Govindan said...

Thanks for your nice words.
Tyagaraja is not only a Vaggeyakkara (vAk + gEya). He had a message to be delivered either addressed to the Lord or to the lay public. That message I wanted to bring out. I shall consider myself 'dhanya' if the viewers derive benefit from my effort.
My work is its own reward.
V Govindan

Neyveli Santhanagopalan said...

For anything and everything i am using this blog...thanks a million on behalf of musicians,Dear Govindan ji.
Neyveli Santhanagopalan,musician.

Neyveli Santhanagopalan said...

Namasthe.For anything and everything,i come to this blog..Hruthpoorvaka dhanyavad,Govindan ji.
Neyveli Santhanangopalan.

Neyveli Santhanagopalan said...

Hruthpoorvaka Dhanyavad Govindan ji for your help for all the music lovers.neyveli santhanagopalan anbudan.

Anonymous said...

can u pls email me seetha kalyana vaibogame sankarabharnam swara and sahitya to

Anonymous said...

good work.A best guidance for the musicians. by kalaimamani Dr T.sureshsivan madurai

Anonymous said...

Sir please provide the notations if possible because i am having interest in music so that i believe it will be helpful for me to some extent.

V Govindan said...

You may visit the link for notations -

Alternatively, you may post your query in

Best wishes/Regards
V Govindan

viji said...

Great site. Thank Govindan Sir. It is really a treasure trove for music rasikas.

musicenthusiast1 said...

Don't Sagunamu and Vigunamu mean manifest and unmaifest forms of nature.
I think that is a more accurate perception of the lyrics. You could also include this fact and viewpoint in your translation

Aparna said...

Namasthey and thank you govindan sir...its so helpful...and enjoying the real bliss of st.tyagarajas compositions